Is your home’s siding starting to rot, crumble, or leak?

Allxteriors will install a new composite Cert-tech siding on it that will not rot. Why? Because its not wood.

What to expect

We remove whatever type siding you have on your home and inspect for hidden damages so you are not covering up an existing problem. After the inspection is complete and any repairs that are needed have been completed then we install a sheeting (if needed) and then completely wrap your home with a moisture guard to help prevent issues in the future.

Then we custom fit your home’s exterior with a composite board siding and we apply a prime sealer

To all corners on both front and back before installing it. This gives you a long lasting coat of paint and prevents water seepage from damaging the siding.

After caulking and sealing up all joints and seams you are then ready to apply the color of your choice.